Brian C

Hi Joe, very pleased to be have gained a position with you for the photographic Vivid 2018 shoot. Having been to your previous shoots including Vivid, I have always been able to gain some great images and some very good advice from you during the shoot. You organise it so well with the locations you choose and provide top drawer photographic advice. I am looking forward to next Monday night at Vivid again, with you. 

Jann C

I was very blessed recently to have a one on one lesson with Joe! From the minute I met Joe he put me at ease making it a lot easier for me to concentrate on the task at hand! Joe just talked to me about my photography and established where I was up to before we went into the field. He made my lesson very enjoyable and taught in such a way that I can actually remember what I learnt. I am sure my lesson went well beyond 3 hours but Joe never rushed to finish the lesson. Since my lesson I have emailed and text Joe and he has always replied to my enquiries very obligingly. I would recommend Joe to anyone wanting to improve their skills - he truely is a professional. I will certainly be going back to Joe for more lessons! Thank you Joe!

Deb D

Don't go anywhere else! Joe is amazing - so knowledgeable and such a great tutor. I had a three hour private lesson with Joe last week and the only regret I have is that I didn't know about Joe long before now. I have had a couple of formal lessons with other providers in the past but no-one has helped my understanding and improved my capability and confidence anywhere near as much as Joe has done. Just by asking me a few key questions he quickly discerned how much I knew, what I wanted/needed to be able to do and how best to teach me. He tailored the session all the way through, was patient, used great analogies when explaining technical pieces and applied just the right combination of theory and practice. To top it all off he came across as a great guy - loads of personality and a great sense of humour. I really felt comfortable and was grateful for the great deal of care Joe invested in my session. Thanks so much Joe!

Amy M

What a awesome lesson with Dad I had! My Mum bought my Dad and I a joint private photography lesson with Joe for our birthdays and it was excellent. We both have different cameras and different generational technology familiarities (sorry Dad!) but this wasn't a problem at all. Joe gave us really great hands on tasks to build our understanding of photography from a beginner level and taught us efficient ways to use our cameras for the things we like to shoot. Really great tips to have our preset modes at the ready and excellent personalised approach. Would highly recommend. Thanks Joe!

Dale B

 I had a private one-on-one lesson with Joe where we went a shot a music gig at Frankie's Pizza in the city. Overall, it was a really great evening and Joe was able to teach me a lot tailored to my level and desired outcomes. The environment was the perfect, I felt comfortable to ask questions and was able to express myself in the process. For those of you who enjoy learning one-on-one, Joe is your guy! I look forward to further sessions moving forward. Very happy student.


Joe Moreno is one of the most obliging blokes you could hope to meet. At 5pm on a recent Sunday afternoon I had a problem uploading [or downloading?] photos from my computer onto an USB stick. The difficulty had to be solved  as a matter of urgency because I was going overseas the next day and someone was desperately waiting on the USB stick. With some trepidation I phoned Joe who was out shopping in a supermarket. Not a good time to be interrupted but Joe was very patient and  quickly solved my problem. Many thanks Joe. I owe you a glass [or two] of good red wine. I appreciate that Joe’s followers should not take this as an open invitation to interrupt Joe’s weekends at the drop of a hat with minor problems but I had to publicly acknowledge his assistance and professionalism.

Jack R

I had a private one-on-one lesson with Joe. WOW! I can't believe how much I learnt, from basic camera settings to preparing a image for editing. The lesson was amazing! Great friendly environment, felt very comfortable and didn't hesitate to ask tons of questions (which all got answered). I'll defiantly be back! And would highly recommend his one on one sessions for those who just want to know that little bit more to creating magic with their camera. 

Chris S

 Had a 3 hour private lesson today with Joe on my Olympus M5 Mark II. It was great! Casual, aimed at my level and SO informative. I just need to practice now and I'm looking forward to some field trips with Joe

Graham Smith

Hi Joe,
Thanks for imparting your knowledge in the intricacies of Macro Photography. The day was hot but the photography was cool and we all came away with smiles and the knowing that our ability to enjoy our hobby had now another field to enjoy the delights of photography.

Jan N

Hullo Joe, Thank you very much for the superb course this morning. I just LOVED it and learned so much. You have the knack of demystifying the photography process in a really clear and approachable way. . I could see the marked improvement in my photographs after just an hour of your tuition. Thanks to you, I'm starting to 'get it' and really looking forward to coming along to some more of your courses. Great stuff. Excellent morning photographing flowers at the Sydney Botanical Gardens- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Jules H

Olympus Night Photography Course

 Had a really informative and interesting evening on the Olympus Night Photography Course last week with Joe. 

It was great to learn lots about shortcuts and settings on the Olympus camera and I also had fun learning about the Live Composition feature and everything it can do!

Click HERE to find out about the next session

Marionne M

 I was lucky enough to attend a photography class conducted by Joe Moreno last Saturday in the city

Joe is a wonderful teacher - very knowledgeable and patient enough to take the time to pass this knowledge on

I have taken part in Joe's classes before and hope to do so again ... very soon

Neville S

Purchased a great Olympus OM-D from Paxton's
Joe was fantastic
The theory at the start was exactly the right level for most of us.
The practical at the end was fantastic followed by the question and answer at the end.
Could not be happier.
Now realise how important the course was to use my camera any where near well enough.
After I reach the stage Joe was aiming to lift us to then I need to continue my education through his courses and lessons!

Alexandra H

I came across Joe from attending a Paxton workshop and was so impressed with how he ran the workshop. From there I was interested to learn more about my new camera in more detail. A true novice with a passion in photography I wanted to build my confidence usingshutter speed, aperture and iso as I was still struggling to put these concepts into practice. Joe over extended himself to improve my skills. I am so grateful for his knowledge. I look forward to attending another workshop in the near future.

Kim M

Fantastic workshop in Sydney Martin Place

The workshop with Joe was fantastic, I learnt more in the time we spent in the workshop than in all the time I have been leaning over several years. Fully recommend a workshop with Joe. I hope soon to do more!!!

Wendy G

 After attending the Paxtons course with Joe, I signed up for his Street and Architecture City Walkabout workshop. I am a complete novice, (only had my camera about a month), and though I wasn't sure what I would get out of today's course, I have to say with Joe's help I now know the type of photos I want to take, and whilst I still have a lot to learn, I'm no longer afraid of experimenting. Thank you Joe for an AMAZING day, and I will definitely be taking more workshops with you.

Susan H

Hi Joe & Craig... wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for a fab photo shoot at the props workshop in Marrickville. What an honour to have access to all your combined knowledge and expertise. Your free-flowing teaching skills and comprehensive knowledge of seemingly all shapes and sizes of cameras is amazing and makes everyone feel like they can achieve better photography. I've loved exploring the black-and-white and profile modes. It's so great to now have fun with my camera instead of feeling intimidated by my own incompetence... thanks to you! Cheers, Sue

Photo taken by Susan H

Photo taken by Susan H

Norm G

 I was not sure what the course would do for me. I was really looking for the opportunity of using my new SLR camera with the benefit of supervision and advice. Turned out the benefits of the afternoon greatly exceeded my expectations. Although it is unlikely that I will ever get heavily involved with lighting of my subjects I will always be more aware of the effects of lighting -- both good and bad -- and I will think more before I press the shutter.

Photo taken by Norm G

Photo taken by Norm G

Marionne M

Joe and Craig .. just to let you both know how much I enjoyed the portrait and lighting class on Saturday 
The models were great .. very obliging and very happy to pose as directed - all afternoon
You and Craig have wonderful knowledge of cameras and lighting which you passed on to your students with great enthusiasm - I learnt a great deal and look forward to you both organizing another class soon

Photo taken by Marionne

Photo taken by Marionne

Wayne F

 Another day another great workshop. Thanks to Joe, Craig, Anja & Rudy for such a fun day and I always learn what another button or menu function actually does. If I knew what Joe has forgotten about photography I would be a better photographer !

Photo taken by Wayne F

Photo taken by Wayne F