Nikon Photography Courses

You can go to many photography courses in Sydney where the groups have over 20 people or more and hopefully get a question answered but you might feel a bit embarrassed to ask a dumb question in front of the others who seem to know more than you. But if you are one of those who needs a bit more extra attention with more personalised service on your very own NIKON camera, whether its a NIKON D750, D7500 or even a D810, Joe Moreno will show you how to easily understand the ins and outs of your digital camera.

Learn F-stops,Shutter & ISO


Understanding the NIKON menu system will allow you to fully understand and control the exposure triangle. Expand your creativity with shutter speeds and  Depth Of Field effects. Finish that off with how to fully utilise ISO sensitivity so you can photograph in any lighting conditions.

Learn about Lenses

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Completing the exposure triangle is the aperture component of a NIKON lens.  Understanding how F-Stops effects your images will allow you to explore the aspects of depth of field that will increase the sharpness of your photo or to highlight a certain part of your photo and have the rest out of focus. Learn in a great fun way to understand and enhance your  photography

Small relaxed groups


Learn in a fun and relaxed environment with other like minded photographers. You will never feel overwhelmed with information in these easy to understand classes. Whether you want to improve your composition or maybe need some help to "look at the light"or maybe you just want to know how to use the cool effects in your camera, get in contact and lets take some photos!